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About Us

Thank you for supporting our students by being a part of our Facilities Planning and Finance Task Force Teams. Over the next few months we will work together to determine the best solution to address our facilities needs and provide the best learning environments for our students along with the financing that will support that solution.  At the conclusion of our planning process, we will present our findings to the school board. Your thoughts and ideas we will be important as we collaborate with one another to build the best schools for our kids' future.

To support our process, we are bringing in experts to guide us along the way. David Conley from Rockmill Financial, LLC is an expert in government financing who has worked with many school districts to teach the community about school financing and work with them to develop financing recommendations. Fanning Howey is an architectural firm that specializes in working with school districts and communities to develop learning environments that support twenty-first century learning methods. They will take us on tours of new elementary schools, share best in class design ideas, listen to understand what's most important to our community and develop designs that support our goals.

Our group is open to all Heath City Schools Community members and will include parents, local business owners, school staff and others in our community who are interested in supporting student learning and achievement.

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